What’s being talked about in the news this week

Here’s what’s being talked about in the news this week: A Peek at Our Wireless Future 2025: When Everything Is Wireless, Interconnected and Smart. Mental health issues concern UK tech professionals As issues ranging from staff shortages to lack of flexibility around work schedules become commonplace in businesses across the country. How to improve PC […]

Top Tips from ‘Simon Says’

Test the vulnerability of your employees to phishing attacks with this free service.   Keep your devices dust-free to prevent overheating.   Rejuvenate an older computer without buying a new one.

7 simple tricks to avoid Spam and Phishing emails

Spam and phishing emails are getting harder and harder to detect as fraudsters use ever more sophisticated techniques to avoid automatic detection and deletion. While many email platforms have software to filter out scam emails, these sophisticated phishing mails can still get through to your inbox. Firstly, why do spam and phishing emails exist? Fraudsters […]

VoIP, it’s time to get the most from your Business Telephone System.

Do you really know everything that your PBX has to offer? Do you have the latest version available? From feedback we’ve had clients, we’ve found that a large number of companies are still using outdated business telephone systems (PBX’s). As well as being more costly, these systems are less flexible and less secure. A good PBX […]

Meet Simon, our very own guru in Security and Protection

Those who have been part of the NPIT team for a while may know that our founder, Simon Pither, is a know-all Tech Whiz and IT Specialist. However you may not know that he is also (wait for it…) an instructor and the highest graded British Black Belt in the European Federation of Krav Maga. […]

NPIT has been named in Britain’s Top 50 for IT Support

Since 2002, NPIT has provided IT support and a range of boutique, UK-based hosting solutions to London’s small business community. Since then, we’ve weathered many changes but we pride ourselves on the experience and expertise of our team, and our ability to provide tailored, bespoke UK-based solutions that help our clients stay connected, secure and […]

Should You Switch To A Private Cloud?

Whether your business is small or large you’re no doubt managing a lot of data in one form or another. IT is now a much bigger part of your business than you probably thought (or feared). The required infrastructure is only going to continue to grow. It’s likely your team will need to be linked to […]

IT Management – Trafalgar Square FPC

Trafalgar Square FPC is a little different when it comes to financial advice. The business was setup in 1998 to give a truly independent advice based mortgage brokerage that redefined how clients would access mortgages via a non-aligned mortgage service provider. This new outlook meant the company expanded fast but this also meant they quickly […]

IT Support – Nicholas Ashley

Nicholas Ashley is an established letting agent and like all good businesses they wanted their IT to enable them to expand their customer base and move forward to explore new and emerging markets. The problem was that NA’s original IT structure would not allow even relatively basic tasks like sharing calendars, email or back-up and […]

What should you do when you have IT problems?

Well, I tried turning if off and then on again… Now I have a blank screen and I need to get that report finished by 4pm! Help! Did you try turning off and on again? We’ve all heard this many times and it has almost become a household joke. It became the standard initial response from […]