Limited Time Deals on Dell Products

We have fantastic deals on the following Dell Products for a limited time only*. These PC’s make for very strong, reliable computers with the added Solid State Drives and Memory Cards. Contact us to make your purchase. Contact Us Online, via email or phone on 020 3358 8000 to place your order. * Products and Prices are […]

VoIP: Automated Phone Systems

With VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), you can decide how to stay in touch with your clients over the holiday period. VoIP features an ‘Automated Call Attendant’, which enables you to provide a continuous level of support and communication: Redirect office phone calls to mobiles. Set up appropriate voicemails for callers to leave a message. […]

What’s being talked about in the news this week – Businesses Technology

Here’s what’s being talked about in the news this week: Staff in smaller businesses bogged down by poor communications Inadequate communications between senior management and staff in small to medium-sized enterprises is leading to poor decision-making. The Use of Emojis in your Business Communications Although the use of emojis used to be frowned upon in […]

In the news this week: Technology At Home

Here’s what’s being talked about in the news this week: The best Black Friday 2019 deals on smartphones Check out these Black Friday deals on iPhone 11 Pro, Pixel 4, Galaxy Note 10, and other mobile devices from various retailers, including Best Buy and Amazon. How to use iOS and iPadOS 13’s new software keyboard […]

Quick fixes to common IT issues

We all know that IT issues can be frustrating. To help, we have compiled a list of the most common issues, as well as a few suggestions on how to fix them! However, we also know it is not always a simple solution, which is why NPIT are here. To make the resolution as straightforward […]

3 reasons why you should set up Automated Email Signatures

Have you noticed that as your company grows, email signatures among your staff or colleagues vary greatly from one another? Are your key messages or marketing banners outdated on some signatures, or don’t appear at all? Without a doubt, Automated Email Signatures are great way to counteract this. They are centralised on your email server […]

Top Tips from ‘Simon Says’

Test the vulnerability of your employees to phishing attacks with this free service.   Keep your devices dust-free to prevent overheating.   Rejuvenate an older computer without buying a new one.

7 simple tricks to avoid Spam and Phishing emails

Spam and phishing emails are getting harder and harder to detect as fraudsters use ever more sophisticated techniques to avoid automatic detection and deletion. While many email platforms have software to filter out scam emails, these sophisticated phishing mails can still get through to your inbox. Firstly, why do spam and phishing emails exist? Fraudsters […]

VoIP, it’s time to get the most from your Business Telephone System.

Do you really know everything that your PBX has to offer? Do you have the latest version available? From feedback we’ve had clients, we’ve found that a large number of companies are still using outdated business telephone systems (PBX’s). As well as being more costly, these systems are less flexible and less secure. A good PBX […]