Maximising website speed and SEO for The European Federation of Krav-Maga UK (FEKM-UK)

No Problem IT have provided the ultimate solution for the FEKM-UK parent website and its member clubs :

Maximising website performance quickly, efficiently and with minimal effort from club members; above all while keeping the brand throughout.

The Story.

Over the lockdown the entire FEKM-UK system had a complete rebuild from the bottom up. In addition, new processes and functionalities were incorporated, including some very specific coding to maximise the club’s exposure on the web.

Club member website requirements.

  • Minimal effort for member clubs to update their websites with courses.
  • Bookings are automated and integrated with main database through parent website.
  • Maximise exposure of parent site and its affiliate sites on the web.

Introducing Vorple and LS Framework.

Together, Vorple and LS Framework provide an Enterprise solution customised for organisations with national bodies and member clubs.

As a result, they allow the websites to be set up quickly, efficiently and carry the same brand throughout.

Infographic, upwards graphic

Together, Vorple and LS Framework provide an Enterprise solution customised for organisations with national bodies and member clubs.
As a result, they allow the websites to be set up quickly, efficiently and carry the same brand throughout.

Vorple provides ready-to-use Inform extensions and libraries. The basic functionality lets you include and run JavaScript code directly – therefore, no web developer skills are needed!

LS Framework uses a custom WordPress Framework to supercharge your website, maximise Website Speed and SEO. The LS Framework can consequently build your website into a structured platform that has been stripped right down and optimised from the ground up.  Moreover, the out-of-the-box features optimise performance, scalability, speed and security, giving your website the absolute best performance possible anywhere on the web!

And now for The Technical Bit… how club members can easily access and share data.

1. The member database is a separate system that allows each club branch to manage their own club, courses, lessons, instructors, members, and the attendance of those members.
This is all done via one interface so it does not require any knowledge of coding, HTML, or anything else web development related.

2. This then has an automatic feed into the club website which is built on a *WordPress multi-site*.

In other words, it automatically formats and adds all the data and pictures entered onto the site without the member having to do anything.

3. Club branches only need to add their own blogs and do minimal front-page editing. For example, they can choose your colour scheme.

Other than that, it is straightforward.

Infographic of club multisites

Web-Based Member Portal

Club branches can use the member portal to access upcoming courses, view training videos, manage memberships payments and order kit.

Furthermore, the portal also allows them to monitor their club’s attendance.

Infographic of database, multisite and parent website.

Back to the Update… and its impact on Web Exposure

The most essential part of web exposure is the ability for Google to positively view the club’s website for organic SEO purposes. For instance, one of the primary ways that Google does this is speed and accessibility.

Additionally, this is based upon many different metrics – all of which is most easily tested using a Google PageSpeed Insights test. It is also possible to do this from a Chrome extension.

If you would like to find out more about why some sites are faster than other, read here.

NPIT had been working to absolutely maximise the speed and accessibility of the site. As previously mentioned, we have completely rewritten the system from the ground up and built our own framework:

  • Remove the need for WordPress plugins. Everything unnecessary has been taken out
  • Maximise Google Visibility
  • Incorporate breadcrumbs
  • Review snippets
  • Plus other enhancements!


Performance review

As a result, according to PageSpeed Insights, FEKM-UK and all its member clubs are running at maximum speed and accessibility, thereby maximising the websites’ SEO and efficiency.

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SEO Infographic

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