We source devices and hardware including desktops, laptops, phones, networking devices, wireless access points, routers, switches and printers.

We source products based on your business requirements and budget.

NPIT are partnered with top suppliers including Dell, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco and SonicWall.

We also source custom-made devices.

We provide plans and advise on specs based on unique user cases.

Our customers love what we do

"NPIT were efficient in finding the IT solution ideal for our business. The support afterwards was the impressive thing - they react very quickly in problem solving, helping us to run our business in the most effective manner."

- Amanda Botterill, Director at Push Studios Ltd

"What do you really wish for from an IT company - Instant access to a qualified engineer? Reliable and friendly ? Peace of mind? Well……NPIT have it in bucket loads!"

- Jan Haspineall, PA to Chairman at Wighams Group

"NPIT worked hard to understand our business… And are always there when we need them!"

- Sarah Jane Costello, Director at The TS Company London Ltd