IT Management – Trafalgar Square FPC

Trafalgar Square FPC is a little different when it comes to financial advice. The business was setup in 1998 to give a truly independent advice based mortgage brokerage that redefined how clients would access mortgages via a non-aligned mortgage service provider. This new outlook meant the company expanded fast but this also meant they quickly began to outgrow the IT systems they were using.

Naturally for a company brokering up-to-date deals, communications was the key to driving the business forward and there was clearly an urgent need to have an IT system in place that would not only allow staff access the company database, communicate effectively, especially when working remotely, but to secure and safeguard data.
NPIT was bought in as a potential service partner to give an appraisal and provide a bespoke solution that would meet the company’s needs. After a brief chat with and working together to answer a few key questions NPIT was able to create a plan and provide costs to budget that would give the company the peace of mind needed to carry on growing while taking away the worry that things could be lost instantly.

NPIT’s proposal was clear and easy to understand. It included the setting up a server based infrastructure that would give the ability to share email and appointments to prevent information delays between key staff which could potentially mean the loss of a deal. This infrastructure also ensured a reliable backup system was in place so the business could avoid potentially critical setbacks if anything went wrong.

No Problem Technologies have worked with us for years. They are what they say on the can. They help us at the drop of a hat and their service package is flexible enough to work with our needs. The team are efficient, good fun and motivated. L Hopkins – Director

Once accepted and contracts approved NPIT new servers and software were placed within the company that included 2 Dell Poweredge servers, Microsoft software, Trend anti-virus, Softscan anti-spam and Attix online back-up. This setup provides all the backup that the company needs and keep IT and communication services running securely. In the unlikely event of an issue NPIT is able to get to work immediately and fix it while staff carry on with the jobs they are good at.

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