IT Support – Nicholas Ashley

Nicholas Ashley is an established letting agent and like all good businesses they wanted their IT to enable them to expand their customer base and move forward to explore new and emerging markets.

The problem was that NA’s original IT structure would not allow even relatively basic tasks like sharing calendars, email or back-up and ideas like working remotely and sharing data were at that point just unthinkable. Knowing this would restrict growth a decision was made to take advantage of technology and streamline their business to become efficient and enable growth. After some thought the decision was made that employing full time IT staff was not the answer but that it was time to seek out IT support from a specialist company. The chosen company would not only understand their needs but would also be able to give them a tailored service that supplied only what they need while allowing future expansion without the hassle of maintaining anything themselves, after all they have a team of sales and letting staff that want to concentrate on their jobs not worry about email systems.

NPIT were selected via recommendation and called in to give an idea of what options were available and what specifically would suit the business. After a relaxed meeting with Simon from NPIT the company was given a list of recommendations and a simple pricing structure that was within budget and gave room for expansion as the company grows. After comparing this easy to understand and ‘non-techy’ proposal NPIT was chosen as the best tech partner going forward.

The implementation of NPIT’s new ‘hassle free IT’ service would mean that NA would have a centralised, permission based data structure where the whole team could now share email and calendars while key members of staff would also finally be able to login remotely to update client information and backup data. All of this was achieved with the introduction of a Dell Poweredge server with Attix 5 online backup to protect data with robust and up to date antivirus and anti-spam software.

We have used NPIT for over 5 years and throughout that time, they have listened to our needs, suggested suitable improvements and ensured that our business functioned continuously N Benady – Director

Now the company is moving forward with the kind of peace of mind you get if you don’t have to worry about lost hours due to IT issues, not only that, with an 83% increase in productivity and a future proof network design that’s a reliable base for growth NA has a confident future and the only regret is that they didn’t call NPIT sooner!

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