Emails are ‘business-critical’ for SME’s, which is why it’s essential to move forward with the right provider when migrating to Microsoft.

At No Problem IT, we provide full migration planning and support, based on your unique business requirements and on GDPR compliancy.

NPIT provide fast migration and zero disruption to mailbox data – including emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks.

We maintain best practices for Exchange Online for the ultimate performance.

Simple. Secure. Sorted

Download the Microsoft 365 Product Sheet here.

Read our Migration to Microsoft 365 Case Study. Download the full PDF here.

Our service process:

your current setup to advise on how best to use 365 going forward.

mailboxes from Exchange Server or migrate email from any
other email system.

and provide advice with what to migrate and what to retain in your
archives. We manage and migrate any unnecessary or outdated data
elsewhere (such as HuBStor for Azure).

the best migration path for your organization based on
your current mail system.

existing number of mailboxes to migrate, managing users locally or
in multiple locations, managing different email domains.

all synced apps and platforms (such as CRM, Email Marketing)
are accounted and planned for.

and mitigate risks involved.

or update spam and malware software at the same time.

a full audit of all data migrated and archived.

and guidance on maximising the unique benefits of 365 to each business.

Microsoft 365 migration

Contact us to begin your Microsoft 365 migration. You can also call us on 020 3358 8000  or take advantage of our free 30 minutes of consultancy to get a the right solution for you.

“We provide fast migration and zero disruption to mailbox data…”

Our customers love what we do

"What do you really wish for from an IT company - Instant access to a qualified engineer? Reliable and friendly ? Peace of mind? Well……NPIT have it in bucket loads!"

- Jan Haspineall, PA to Chairman at Wighams Group

"NPIT worked hard to understand our business… And are always there when we need them!"

- Sarah Jane Costello, Director at The TS Company London Ltd

"NPIT were efficient in finding the IT solution ideal for our business. The support afterwards was the impressive thing - they react very quickly in problem solving, helping us to run our business in the most effective manner."

- Amanda Botterill, Director at Push Studios Ltd

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