The Many Types of Cloud Services Worth Exploring at Your Business

The Many Types of Cloud Services Worth Exploring at Your Business

The different types of Cloud Services

Interested in exploring cloud services and what these solutions offer businesses like yours? Check out this primer detailing the types and where to get started.

IT never sleeps!!!

London, as the central hub of business in the UK and a major player in Europe, never sleeps, neither does the technology supporting our companies. Nothing could be more frustrating than trying to run a business while having IT issues.

Nowadays, there are so many systems and technologies we use in the business. These are practically impossible to support end-to-end ourselves. We need to look at alternative ways such as cloud services, to keep the technology we use for business always-on and always available.

IT Support Cloud Services Provider

The correct managed IT service provider takes the headache out of technology support. But it is not a silver bullet, choosing the correct-fit service provider is of paramount importance. You want to work with a service provider who understands your business. No point in dealing with a provider who specialises in HR systems when you want to run your engineering business.

A lot of service providers will claim to be able to support all applications. Take the time to do background checks and referrals to ensure they have the correct expertise.

Another very serious consideration is Cyber Security. According to, “half of businesses (50%) and around a third of charities (32%) report having experienced some form of cyber security breach or attack in the last 12 months”. GDPR compliant and ISO certified service providers would be well placed to help your company deal with this. This is something relatively easy to validate.

You may not be able to, or your applications cannot be fully hosted in the cloud. In this case, your IT Service Provider should be able to offer a hybrid or on-premise support solution.

The pandemic has brought with it the need to manage remote workers and their IT equipment. This is often referred to as Bring-your-own-device (BYOD). That is an element of IT support that must not be overlooked or ignored. It is important that your selected IT Support Partner covers this is.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing or Cloud Services have evolved since the mid-2010s. This is a serious option for businesses that do not have the appetites to develop the expertise to support all the systems and applications. At its very core; cloud computing aims to increase stability and availability while cutting costs. This helps companies focus on their core business instead of impeding IT stability issues.

Cloud technologies are all about on-demand computing services. All this, from applications to storage and processing power.

It is easy to fall into a cloud partnership that is outside of the country’s borders. Choosing a cloud service provider that is in the same city brings with it some fairly obvious benefits.

You needn’t be all-in, you can choose whether you want software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure (IaaS), or Platform as a Service (PaaS). The type of business you have will influence this decision.

If you develop software, you are quite likely going to need PaaS. This is a comprehensive end-to-end development and deployment environment in the cloud.

IaaS is the provisioning of all the equipment you would typically need to manage yourself, servers, network gear, and operating systems.

Cloud Services in London

Cloud computing services have grown in popularity and choices. With more service providers in this space than ever before – it has made it more and more difficult to choose the best fit.

There are some big global players who, on the surface, offer low prices and brand name recognition. However, there are smaller, local cloud providers who have plenty to offer, that the big names can’t or don’t offer.

Having an expert cloud service provider allows you to gain the powerful benefits that the cloud provides. Cloud computing will help your customers, service providers and staff collaborate and connect from across the globe. With the help of a specialised, experienced cloud service provider, you can ensure continuity across your business.

Doesn’t it frustrate you when a call to a help desk goes unanswered? Do you even know which time zone the help desk sits in? The lag between the call to the service desk and the speedy response you need will be eliminated by working with a London-based service provider.

Small Business IT Support services

For small businesses, it is often a challenge to hire, train, and retain IT talent. As a general rule, small businesses cannot take on dedicated IT support. An efficient IT support service today is a must for any business to be agile, secure, and to remain customer-focused. Making use of a London-based IT partner will make your IT support simple and easier to manage.

Another benefit of partnering with a Managed Service Provider is that of financial predictability. You are a lot less likely to find your company staring big, unexpected charges because you suddenly need to do hardware or operating system upgrades.

Important IT Services

Managed Cloud Services are not only about accessibility and stability. There are some important services you should ensure are in place with your chosen Service provider. These include:

Custom IT Services

It may be that your business might need a tool-set or functionality not available in an off-the-shelf solution. Perhaps some global compliance, GDPR is the EU standard. You may also need to be compliant in another country. Whichever the case, make sure your cloud service provider can support you in these important areas.

There is no one-size-fits-all cloud services solution. You can choose an efficient and reliable IT solution around your business-specific requirements.

If you’re considering an all-in-one IT service package, why not sign up for your free, no-obligation 30-minute consultation here.