Top Tips from ‘Simon Says’

Make mobile calls from abroad with ease using 3CX VoIP.

A handy feature of 3CX VoIP:

Download the 3CX app onto your mobile. This app allows you to make and receive UK calls from anywhere in the world.

All calls will be charged as UK local calls, even from abroad.

Plus you can answer the phone from anywhere, anytime.

Set up Automated Email Signatures to save time and maintain a consistent, professional image.

Set up Automated Email Signatures to maintain your company brand and consistency across the format and job titles. Plus ensure marketing announcements and banners are up to date across all employees.

They are centralised on your email server giving you one place with full control to manage the signature content and message for all staff users. Read more here.


Test the vulnerability of your employees to phishing attacks with this free service.

No matter how good your anti-malware is, phishing emails can still get though.
Trend Micro Phish Insight is a free service that allows you to test how likely your employees are to detect them. An email, which appears to be from you, gets sent out and you receive a full report of who opened the email and who clicked on the link within.

Will your staff recognise a different tone of voice, a different signature or grammatical errors?

This service includes email templates and also has training modules as a follow up.

At NPIT, we use Bit Defender for cybersecurity and anti-virus software, and to help you educate your employees.


Keep your devices dust-free to prevent overheating.

Dirt gets stuck in the CPU and power supply fans which prevents them from keeping your computer cool. Use a can of compressed air to keep your devices dust free.

Running unnecessary applications can also cause additional strain, increasing your system's running temperature. Ensure to keep your software and running applications up to date.


Rejuvenate an older computer without buying a new one.

Simply replace the drive with SSD.

Its RAM and processing speeds exceed the read/write capability of traditional fixed drives.

Plus its performance is over 200 times the speed.