What should you do when you have IT problems?

Well, I tried turning if off and then on again… Now I have a blank screen and I need to get that report finished by 4pm! Help!

Did you try turning off and on again?

We’ve all heard this many times and it has almost become a household joke. It became the standard initial response from people that work in IT. As soon as you have an issue, even with a smart phone these days, you’d likely be asked this question. The simple fact is that this question became legend because it does or did often work. Early Windows/NT systems were so full of bugs that almost anything could ‘crash’ your machine and only a ‘hard restart’ would sort that out.

It may still work but is it reliable enough a solution to keep your business going?

Nowadays even that computer in your pocket, your ‘smart-phone’ probably has more power than your old PC. Your phone runs on a day-to-day basis without many problems and yet it isn’t usually powerful enough to run your business, for that you need something more robust. Your work PC network is equally now far more sophisticated than it would have been just a few years ago and the good news is that it’s generally more stable. However the reality is that your business is now also more vulnerable if you don’t keep everything up to date. Why? because the chances are your business is far more reliant for day to day running than it would have been 10 years ago.

What are you doing to maintain your IT?

Managing your IT just requires you to answer some simple questions. So what are those questions? Do you back-up (often) enough? Do all of your devices share data? Is your network vulnerable to attack? Are you’re using cloud based storage or relying on a hard-drive that’s been on 24/7 for the last 3 years? Can all of your staff communicate freely and what will happen if the network breaks? How soon can you have everything back up and running?

We could go on but the point of this article is that simply reverting to ‘switch it off and back on’ isn’t always the best solution. Managing IT is crucial to your day to day business so a more robust approach is recommended. Whether you’re running a small business or even a one-man band you can (and should) still protect you business with a good quality fully managed IT service. These days services can be matched to your specific needs and you don’t have to break the bank to get professional levels of support and protection for your business.

With NPIT’s bespoke Managed IT service you only pay a fixed fee for the elements you need. Our IT services are flexible so as your business grows, so can your cover.
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