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"At Lola’s as the Covid 19 lockdown ensued, it was clear we needed to pivot in order to keep the business afloat. NPIT in a matter of days had a fully functioning mini Ocado up and running on our website, that allowed us to pack and ship 1000’s of grocery items, to those in need across the UK. Coupled with a complete overhaul of our picking and packing processes at the same time, we were able to handle 4x the number of orders we normally take through our e-commerce platform in a matter of days. Without some of the changes we achieved (working around the clock) we simply wouldn’t of been able to continue to handle the volume, with unthinkable consequences. We wish to extend our thanks to all the team at NPIT, that lead to many more jobs being created, and lots of happy families across the UK staying safe at home with a freshly made cake, and fresh groceries."

- Asher, Managing Director at Lola’s Cupcakes

"I wanted a really well constructed website to showcase my credits, spanning a career of over 30 years across Stage and Screen. I chose No Problem Web Design because they are experts in custom WordPress sites and I have to say I was absolutely delighted with the result! I would highly recommend them to anyone."

- Iain Glen, Professional Screen and Stage Actor at Iain Glen

"NPIT provided us with their expertise and assistance in a very efficient manner, making sure that our devices are secure and reliable, no matter our location and mode of work. The team took on board our requirements and provided us with a solution that fits our needs."

- Sarah Mokhtari, Claims Handler at Pacific Intermediaries and Consultants

"NPIT were efficient in finding the IT solution ideal for our business. The support afterwards was the impressive thing – they react very quickly in problem solving, helping us to run our business in the most effective manner."

- Amanda Botterill, Director at Push Studios Ltd

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