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The terms RTO and RPO are the key indicators when considering which backup solution your business needs. RTO (Recovery Time Objective) is the amount of time that it takes to get your systems back up and running after the point of the crash, and the RPO (Recovery Point Objective) is how much data is lost at the point of the crash, or more simply how long it is since your last backup.

Traditional Backups

As an example, a traditional nightly backup of your data to a local tape would have an RPO of up to 24 hours (i.e. if it crashed just before starting the nightly backup, the whole of the previous days data would be lost) and an RTO of up to a week, in the worst case ordering a new server, waiting for delivery, rebuilding it and copying the data back.

Business Continuity Service

The Business Continuity service provides an RTO and RPO of no more than 30 minutes – so less than 30 minutes of data lost and back up and running again within 30 minutes even in the event of a total server failure. Much like the Disaster Recovery service, an image of the server is taken to our data centre, but in this case the image is updated continuously with block level changes being recorded. In the event of a crash, we convert that image to a virtual server, turn it on and connect your network to it via VPN.

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