Detect Cyber Attacks before they can get to you.

Cyber threats are on the rise as fraudsters use ever more sophisticated techniques to access or encrypt business critical data.

NPIT have a team of experts to plan, implement, monitor and update your security measures and compliancy. This includes Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Microsoft 365 and Teams backup, Cyber Essentials Auditing and Compliancy certification.

Download the Cybersecurity and Email Spam Filter product sheet here.

Email Anti-Spam built for your business.

Advanced email anti spam to block phishing, spam, malware, viruses, ransomware and other email threats.

Our Suppliers: SpamTitan – Anti-Spam


Anti-Virus: robust security you can rely on.

Protect devices from malware, viruses and drastically reduce the chance of data loss. Our Anti-Virus solutions can prevent, detect and respond to all threats that might affect your business’ assets.

Our Suppliers: Bitdefender – Anti-Virus

Secure your Microsoft 365 Data

Backup your Microsoft 365 estate including Exchange, Sharepoint and Teams to protect hundreds of Microsoft 365 files and mailboxes.
Protect against data loss when migrating to the cloud.
Providing you with a complete copy of all your Microsoft 365 data so that you can recover anything on exchange email, OneDrive, SharePoint or Teams in the event of a problem.

Our Supplier: Acronis

Endpoint Management and Security.

Securely manage iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS devices with a single endpoint management solution.
Using a combination of Azure and Intune restrict access to only the apps on the device that your employees need.

Our Suppliers: Azure, Intune

Detect Vulnerabilities and Ensure Compliance.

Ensure all devices are continuously complaint with the UK-wide, government backed Cyber Essentials certification. We audit, create and manage your cyber security policy to be sure it is aligned with the requirements of the programme then process you certification.

Our initial investigation looks at your devices, hardware, backup solutions, cloud and security policies. This audit serves to discover weaknesses within your IT infrastructure and ensure effective controls are in place for your devices, compliance and GDPR readiness.


Provide ongoing training and testing staff to promote security and safe practices internally. Teach effective security measures from awareness of current threats and safe practice, to technical training courses.


Download the Cybersecurity and Email Spam Filter product sheet here.

Contact us to discuss your Cybersecurity Solutions. You can also call us on 020 3358 8000  or take advantage of our free 30 minutes of consultancy to get a the right solution for you.

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