You know you don’t want the hassle of IT issues at any time, especially when you have so much other stuff to do day-to-day. This is why we will create a rather special fixed price solution that works FOR you… And gives you only what you need. No fluff. No filler. All support. With the best IT services.

You see, we know our IT services are special because we created them that way. They are about protecting you and your business from all those things that go wrong with your tech, and not just the BIG ones (although we have those covered too).

We figure if you had this sorted you probably won’t be looking for us (unless you’re a competitor wondering why so many people love working with us – in which case, hello!), so the great news is that you have found the right solution to your IT issues.

At this stage you may be asking…

Is my business too small? 

The simple answer is NO.
Your business is not too small for us to help, it’s what we do, we work with loads of smaller businesses, and we hope to be still there when you have used your time productively to make your business shine, instead of trying to work out why your email isn’t sending.

Is my business too big? 

The simple answer is NO.
Even if you are big enough to have a dedicated support team, we know there are times when they will need outside support or services you just don’t want to handle in-house. We’re providing key services and support for many larger clients when they need it, and we can do that for you too, so you can get to work on the stuff that’s important.

How We’re Different…

  • We fix your problems quickly
    You just want to move your business forward, not waste time resolving IT problems. We take care of your IT services so you can get on with developing your business. That’s why so many businesses just like yours have used our services for years.
  • Providing every aspect of technology
    You only have one number to call to resolve any IT related issue. We provide fixed-price contracts, on-site and remote support, and technical advice so your IT is hassle free.
  • It’s all about you
    We work with you to understand your business, where it is now and where you want it to go. We then plan your IT alongside your budget to achieve your business aims with confidence.
  • Your data is either with you or with us!
    We have invested heavily in a top tier,redundant data centre installation to provide all our hosted services. Our Private Cloud enables you to have reliability, backup redundancy and privacy of your data.