BT's ISDN Shutdown and the benefits of VoIP.

Making the swap to VoIP

VoIP Telephony

With BT’s imminent shutdown of its traditional telephony services, companies can make the switch to VoIP and start reaping the benefits. These include reduced charges by telecom providers and free internal calls.

Accordingly, the system will use your existing internet and WAN (Wide Area Network) connections. In addition, there is no need to change phone numbers as they can be transferred to the VoIP providers which is one of the many benefits of VoIP.

Even before the switch off occurs, any existing ISDN will no longer need to be relied upon.
In fact, phone numbers will no longer be linked to geographical locations so can be transferred with office moves.

For further reading, see what the benefits of VoIP is and all about its

How can NPIT Support you?

Migrating to VoIP is easy with the right provider and you will be able to port and retain your existing phone numbers. The whole migration can take as little as 3 weeks! Plus we will ensure you still use of your phone system throughout the migration.

We can:

  • Roll it out at once or in phases depending on your business size and requirements.
  • Run a complete health check of your existing systems and devices. We would assess their compatibility for remote working and whether the security and software is up-to-date.
  • Where devices are incompatible with digital data transmission, provide alternatives.
  • Review requirements for all remote workers and the number of phone numbers / extensions.
  • Provide an audit or migration plan based on the number of sites, extensions and bandwidth.
  • Provide full installation
  • Complete testing and monitoring throughout
  • Ensure security is in place and you have a Disaster Recovery plan available in case of internet loss.
  • Provide full staff training.

Let’s get started! Contact us to get the ball rolling.

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