Meet Simon, our very own guru in Security and Protection - NPIT

Meet Simon, our very own guru in Security and Protection

Simon our Tech Guru

Those who have been part of the NPIT team for a while may know that our founder, Simon Pither, is a know-all Tech Whiz and IT Specialist. However you may not know that he is also (wait for it…) an instructor and the highest graded British Black Belt in the European Federation of Krav Maga.

We know what you’re thinking and we agree…

Be it physical or virtual, Simon has a bit of an obsession with security and protection. We certainly think that bodes rather well for us, and for our customers at NPIT.

We’re pretty proud that, whatever Simon chooses to do, he throws himself in with dedication and hard work to succeed.

So, is there a connection?

If you were to ask Simon to describe No Problem Technologies or Krav Maga in 3 simple words, you’d probably get the same answer: Fast, Efficient, Effective.

Finally, what does this mean for NPIT?

For NPIT, this means finding the fastest, most cost effective, up-to-date solution to meet your needs and requirements.

From the very start in 2002, Simon has worked to build NPIT up from a small IT Support company to an award winning business offering full scale IT Solutions.

“… it’s been a roller coaster ride of glorious successes coupled with occasional failures in the journey to turn NPIT into a business that is successful, resilient to changes in technology and the economy, wins the odd award and where people enjoy working.”

So from Disaster Recovery and Continuity to spinning sidekicks, we think it’s safe to say Simon has you covered. Don’t worry, he’ll be gentle.

If you have an IT related query or requirement, contact Simon and the team today.

Hassle Free IT – The Easy Way!

No Problem Technologies are a comprehensive managed services provider dedicated to promoting affordable, fully managed IT services.

Above all, we look after all aspects of your IT – from broadband, to support, to Office 365, hardware supply, online backup, Voice over IP, domain names and web development. For one fixed monthly fee.

Furthermore our fixed-price contracts and on-site and remote support will free up valuable time for your business to grow. Our technical expertise will provide you with security and peace-of-mind.