Is Your IT Support Contract As Good As You Hoped?

Feel like your IT support contract isn’t important?


You’re covered, after all you have an IT support contract. Right?

Something goes wrong with your IT system and you need to make a call. Suddenly the IT support contract you’re paying for doesn’t seem important to your IT management company. You feel like ‘just another number’ but need a fix. Now. It’s important for you to get instant service but they seem slow to respond. Worse, you suddenly find that the one thing you need supported doesn’t seem to be included?

Does that sound familiar?

Sadly it may do. Unfortunately not all IT support contracts were created equally. IT support contracts and managed services can often seem like insurance, it’s only when you have a problem that you find out that you’re not as covered as you thought. Luckily this isn’t always the case as good IT companies offer top line management services and make it very clear what their terms of service are from the outset. A good managed IT service will actually prevent many problems before they occur and also make it obvious what you can expect from them as a service provider if something does go wrong.

NPIT worked hard to understand our business… and are always there when we need them!

Sarah Jane Costello – Director, The TS Company London Ltd

Sarah Jane Costello – Director, The TS Company London Ltd

We always recommend you check your current IT support contract. Look for the things you know you need to be listed or some kind of break-down of what you’re paying for with your managed IT service. You can get a fully managed IT support service that is CREATED specifically for your business. And it can actually be done at a fixed price you can afford. So, if you feel you have been let down in the past call us for a FREE 30 minute consultation and after a chat to uncover what you need (and only what you need). We’ll give you a fixed price managed service that you’ll be happy with. And you won’t get extra charges no matter how many times you need us.