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Free Phishing Service – How vulnerable is your business?

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Test the vulnerability of your employees to phishing attacks!

No matter how good your anti-malware is, phishing emails can still get though as hackers find the latest tricks and technologies to infiltrate your business.

Understandably this is a big concern for companies as your employees may be deceived into clicking a link or providing information to unauthorised parties which often Free Phishing Service dont protect you against.

As a result, services such as Trend Micro Phish Insight exist to help. Above all, the purpose is to test how likely your employees are to detect fraudulent emails seemingly from a colleague or manager.

The process is simple. Firstly an email, which appears to be from an internal person or department, is sent out to a list of receipts. Additionally the email can be quickly created using one of the many free templates available. Soon after, you would receive a full report of who opened the email and who clicked on the link within.

Setting up the test is easy:

  1. Select recipients
  2. Select a pre-made template
  3. Specify the sender
  4. Schedule

So, would your staff recognise a different tone of voice, a different signature or grammatical errors?

For example, the email below offers a free cup of coffee and promotes recipients to click on the link within. In this case some obvious errors include letters in caps lock. Furthermore the email is quite generic – from a department instead of a person. Finally it also has no email signature and has a generic tone.

See our article on 7 simple ticks to avoid spam and phishing emails.

In addition to your report on opens and clicks, you can also use the free training modules provided to train and develop your company’s staff.

Example of phishing email

Copied version of a spam email

If someone does click on the link, they are taken to the following landing page.

You have almost been phished

Test Results – You have almost been phished

Protecting you and your business is one of our main priorities.

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That is why we use Bitdefender to provide quality cybersecurity and anti-virus solutions. We are also on hand to train and educate your employees on staying safe online.

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