Reviewing's Post - 'Security in the cloud: Facts vs fiction'

Reviewing’s Post – ‘Security in the cloud: Facts vs fiction’

Reviewing Cybersecurity Statistics has recently published a post about Cloud Security titled ‘Security in the cloud: Facts vs fiction’. At NPIT, we would like to further examine what this means for you and your business.

Undoubtedly this article emphasises just how vital it is for your business to have a Security Strategy in place. This is equally relevant whether your data is on-site or in the cloud.

The premise of the article is that there are anything from 13 billion to 21 billion smart devices online today. It follows that cyber criminals are now part of organised, entrepreneurial criminal networks as opposed to individual hacks. This increases the risk of your employees falling for sophisticated phishing attacks. These attacks aim to allow criminals into your accounts, where they can set up complex frauds or fake transactions.

Some interesting statistics to take with you are:

  • 42% of the organisations asked, specified that security concerns were stopping them from moving back-office functions into the cloud.
  • 38% admitted to encountering at least some security challenges when migrating functions to the cloud.
  • In total 89% voted in favour of improved data security when shifting back-office applications into the cloud.

The benefits of moving your business data and functions to the cloud are more and more viable. Amongst others, they include flexibility, scaleability and security.

However it is important to have a strategy in place, and that your staff are trained on avoiding and reacting to any cyber attempts. Also arranging regular reviews will ensure you have the security and flexibility needed for business growth.

At NPIT, our clients consider us as experts on migrating, storing and managing your data on the cloud.

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