3 reasons why you should set up Automated Email Signatures

3 reasons why you should set up Automated Email Signatures

Email Signature

Have you noticed that as your company grows, email signatures among your staff or colleagues vary greatly from one another?

Are your key messages or marketing banners outdated on some signatures, or don’t appear at all?

Without a doubt, Automated Email Signatures are great way to counteract this. They are centralised on your email server giving you one place with full control to manage the signature content and message for all staff users.

In addition, Automated Email Signatures are a fantastic way to:

  • Maintain the company brand throughout.
  • Ensure all job titles are relevant and consistent.
  • Save staff time by automatically updating marketing announcements and banners.
Automated Email SignatureAutomated Email Signature

Finally, did you know that NPIT can automate your email signatures? We set up the process on the centralised server for you. We can also can help you by amending the signature as and when necessary to align with your company brand.


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