The Small Business Advantages of Custom IT Services in London

The Small Business Advantages of Custom IT Services in London

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One of the principal aims of your business is probably going to be to help it grow. Whether you have a large business or a small one, you will have IT needs. As your small business grows, so too will these IT needs. 

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So, when it comes to IT support, you need to have a proactive approach. This means not waiting for your systems to break down- and to carry work out on them before it is too late. 

This is where custom IT services for small businesses comes in. IT support will help you to manage the IT needs of your business. But what exactly does a custom IT service provider do, and why should you hire one? 

In this article, we’ll look at the small business advantages of hiring a custom IT service provider in London. Keep reading to learn more. 

Custom IT Services Free Up Time and Resources 

When your business is either small or quite new, it can be difficult to find the resources or the finances to have your own in-house IT department. Therefore, it often falls on the shoulders of unqualified staff members to carry the burden of your custom IT solutions. 

When this happens, your team is often not able to do the jobs that they are paid to be doing. Instead, they are probably worrying more about the IT needs of the business more than they should be. 

This includes ensuring staff have working system logins, carrying out software and hardware updates, and looking after your IT security. 

This will mean that you may not have adequate support for your IT needs. Additionally, it also means that you could have weaknesses in the areas that your team members should be working in. All in all, this is bad for your business. 

Where there is not an IT department working within a small business, a reactive model is usually found. This means that solutions are only found when problems arise. This can be costly as it means putting your data and security at risk. 

By hiring a London IT services company, you will be able to free up your team members again. They will be able to work in the areas of your business that they were hired to. 

This will not only lead to a more secure IT system but a more productive workplace. Your team can carry out their duties without having to concern themselves with extra responsibilities. 

Tailored IT Services Keep Your Business Safe 

According to data from the UK government, 46% of businesses reported coming under attack or having some form of a security breach in the last twelve months. With almost a fifty percent risk of getting hacked, you mustn’t leave anything to chance. 

Cybercrime is something that is continually on the rise. There are many organised gangs that will constantly find new ways to attack small businesses. Businesses that don’t have the strength in their infrastructure to protect them. Likewise businesses that don’t have any security measures in place. 

Unless you take steps to protect your business, it is not going to be safe from cybercriminals. 

Of course, some industries are more at risk than others. For instance, the data of a financial or healthcare business is of greater value to any criminal gang. A data breach could be very costly to you. 

For this reason, you must hire an IT service company to take care of cybersecurity needs.

With the right tailored IT services, you will have someone keeping an eye on your systems round-the-clock. 

In addition to having someone watching your systems for signs of an attack, you will have an IT support company that will be able to spot any vulnerabilities in your infrastructure. If they find a problem, they can address it straight away. 

In the event of a data breach or major cyberattack, a custom IT services company can be on hand to help with disaster recovery. 

Custom IT Services Can Save You Money

All businesses need some level of IT support. This could mean simply ensuring your systems are always up-and-running or installing new software that will help your business. However, there is always quite a lot that will need doing. 

Hiring your own in-house IT technician, or even bringing in a small team, could cost a considerable sum of money. Very often, the largest expenditure in a business is payroll. 

When it comes to hiring a custom IT services company, you will only pay for what you use. You’ll get a price that will be agreed upfront, and that’s all you’ll pay. 

There will be no set-up costs involved, and you’ll be able to take advantage of their existing, fully-trained up team. 

Custom IT Services Make You Competitive 

If you’re not trying to compete, then you will get left behind. Very often, to have the leading edge, you will need to have the very latest in technology. Services such as the cloud help you  streamline the way that you do business, making you that bit more competitive. 

Regular pieces of technology or software are launched that may be suited to your business. Your custom IT services company will be able to notify you and help you to install it. 

Custom IT Services Give You Expert Help

One of the major benefits of hiring a custom IT services company is that you will get expert help for your business. Very often, you’ll get decades’ worth of experience. From the point of view of your payroll, this is great value for money. 

Hiring London IT Services for Your Business

As you can see, there are several key benefits to using custom IT services for your small business in London. From keeping your systems updated to protect you from attack, there is always plenty that needs to be done. 

If you are looking for custom IT services in London, get in touch with No Problem Technologies today.