Case Study: Trafalgar Square fpc – Property Investor | 06 Sep 2021

IT Audit and Migration to Microsoft 365

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Overview of Company

Trafalgar Square Financial Planning Consultants is an independent advice-based mortgage brokerage. They have an experienced team of Brokers and Case Processors for quick response and resolution times.

Established in 1998, their guiding principle is to break the mould of institutional-style selling and advice by operating a new, non-aligned mortgage business, client-centred and based in a very major way on service.


Trafalgar Square approached us for a full audit of their IT Infrastructure. This was to ensure that both the business and its IT operations were run in the most effective way possible. In addition, that they were optimal for remote working.

IT Audits are used to identify gaps in the existing IT infrastructure, and provide recommendations for processes and streamlining measures to be taken.

This assessment covered:

  • An overview of the data lineage: an understanding of where the company data is stored, how secure and accessible it is.
  • Assess security measures, whether the most sensitive data is protected from all threat.
  • Review of business devices for compatibility with latest software and operating systems.
  • Measure security and data privacy to ensure that systems and services are GDPR compliant

We delivered:

  • Microsoft 365 Migration: email and data
  • Full IT audit
  • Software Upgrade
  • Hardware Supply


Office Equipment
Needed to be updated or replaced to bring machines and standard business operating systems up to date.

Desktop Storage
Desktops had standard hard drives for storage as opposed to SSD’s (solid-state drives), which are generally speedier and more reliable.

Machines weren’t TPM 2.0 compliant to prevent hackers or malware from accessing data - thereby inhibiting efficient remote working.

Data Storage
Server needed in for data backup and recovery.

Cloud Storage
A Cloud Storage strategy to be implemented to improve security measures and access to data.


New Devices
New laptops and desktop devices sourced, new devices were business compliant and compatible with remote working software and systems.

Microsoft 365 Migration
Email and data were migrated to Microsoft 365, replacing existing license packages with new ones. This solution would enable all users to remotely work with data and email easily accessed in the cloud – all from the same location.

The devices were set up with a Bitlocker Drive Encryption with the key stored in the Azure Cloud. This integration gives total control over who has access, and what they have access to.

The Result

Trafalgar Square is now on Microsoft Cloud with business compliant devices and a reliable remote working solution in place.

Their up-to-date devices are faster and more reliable. They are also compliant with all software’s and operating systems needed for remote working, all with enhanced security measures.

In terms of data, there is no longer a need for VPN to access it. All email and data can be securely accessed in one place with Microsoft 365. With the added Bitlocker Encryption, the data is protected, and staff access can be easily managed for ease-of-use and security purposes.

Trafalgar Square is capable of operating at their maximum productivity by providing staff with a dependable working solution and their customers the utmost service experience.


Trafalgar Square had already been working with No Problem IT for general IT Support and Web Hosting services.

NPIT had a thorough understanding of their unique business requirements and provided proactive support and advice throughout their partnership.

So when it came to finding an effective working solution, they were the clear choice.

Download the full PDF here.

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Read what Trafalgar Square fpc – Property Investor said about No Problem IT:

"Once the Covid lockdown started it became obvious that our infrastructure needed to be improved for efficient remote working.  NPIT provided us with their expertise to enable us to upgrade all our  hardware, security & software in a seamless and efficient manner."

- Sarah Jane Costello, Operations Director at Trafalgar Square fpc

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