IT Audit and Migration to Microsoft 365

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Overview of Company

Wellbeing Solutions Management (WSM) is the UK’s leading provider of workplace mental health, training, and employee assistance programmes (EAPs).

WSM is based in South-East London. They have around 40 employees, some office-based and some remote with their email solution being set up across individuals and groups. In addition, they also have up to 1000 external consultants.



WSM were using a 3rd party hosted desktop solution and experienced issues with their IT Support and services.

The provider’s hosted exchange was unreliable, and accounts were not syncing. While many users needed to access data, for every user to do so required an additional remote desktop account. Data could not be shared with users outside of the organisation, which was deemed to be inflexible and an inconvenient solution for a company that has 40 core employees and over 1000 external consultants.

Additionally, they found their provider’s support to be slow and unresponsive with answers to tickets often going over 24 hours.

We delivered:

IT Audit
> Email & Data Migration to MS 365
> Setup of Azure AD for Security
> Set up Endpoint Security for remote users
> Gain Cyber Essentials Certification
> Hardware Supply

The Requirement

WSM were looking for a company to manage their complete IT infrastructure from data management, emails and website hosting to their cyber security and backup solutions. A specific requirement was to create a security solution for employees using their own equipment at home, in order to ensure the safe use of company resources without mixing with personal data.

NPIT provided WSM with a full audit of their current IT infrastructure as well as suggested solutions specific to their requirements to increase efficiency and reduce costs. This was completed FOC as part of their initial quote.


Microsoft 365
This was due to the requirements for data sharing and security, access to data and email from anywhere and greater working flexibility.

Microsoft Teams
WSM did not have an official internal communications platform with users using WhatsApp and other consumer services instead

Microsoft Azure AD
Endpoint security and management is essential in a company of WSM’s size, so that each user only has access to the specific resources required for their role, and laptops and desktops can be. locked down and encrypted for complete security

Cloud to Cloud Backup
WSM did not have a backup solution in place, and as MS 365 is not a backup solution, a cloud backup service linked to MS 365 was required to secure the email, data and Teams records.

Cyber Essentials compliance
WSM submit tenders for multiple organisations which require the applying company to have the Cyber Essentials Certificate as a minimum.

BYOD security solution
Users that operated their own device rather than one owned by WSM needed to be suitably configured for WSM cyber security compliance.

The result of the IT audit indicated a requirement for WSM to have many machines replaced, so a refresh programme was suggested.


Microsoft 365 Intune and Azure AD setup
Based on the IT Audit conducted, NPIT recommended a move away from a hosted desktop solution to a Microsoft 365 Intune and Azure AD setup (MDM and MAM).

Upgraded Operating Systems and Internal Hard Drives
WSM owned devices were wiped and connected to Azure with the relevant user profile applied. Where required, the operating systems were upgraded to Windows 11 Pro and the internal hard drive was changed to an SSD. These devices had the fully secure policy applied where no user has local admin permissions to install any programs, and the hard drive was encrypted using BitLocker so that even if the device was stolen, there would be no way for anyone to access WSM data.

New Anti-Virus and Monitoring Software
Remote users operating under the BYOD policy had the NPIT antivirus, monitoring software and remote access software installed, with specific WSM admin and User accounts for the remote user to operate for all WSM related activities.

Backup Solution
An Acronis cloud to cloud (C2C) backup solution was implemented for all WSM email, data and Teams content. This UK based storage solution would be easily accessible to remote users securely and allow secure data sharing both inside and outside of the organisation.

The Result

The onboarding process proceeded smoothly. The account manager allocated to WSM worked closely with the engineer team to ensure everything was delivered in a timely manner and with minimal business disruption.


WSM was looking for a IT Support provider that could provide cost effective solutions based on a review of their requirements and business operations and was knowledgeable, proactive, and reliable.
In addition, WSM wanted to be confident of a business continuity solution where, if anything did go wrong, they would quickly get back up and running with minimal data loss.

NPIT already had a long established relationship with WSM for their website management and had helped with IT issues on occasion. WSM were pleased with their ongoing progress as demand increased for data and reliability on their site, and as a bonus, NPIT were based in SE London which meant they were local enough to provide emergency cover as and when needed.

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Read what Wellbeing Solutions Management – HR and Mental Health said about No Problem IT:

"I was very happy with the way that NPIT handled the project. There was good communication at all times and they managed the difficult process of getting all our remote users connected within the time frame, with very little down time. Good Job !"

- Carly Bubbs, Operations Director at Wellbeing Solutions Management

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